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KVAS Meetings for 2017-2018

Meetings are held at 6:45 pm at the KUA (Kissimmee Utility Authority) Building
1701 W. Carroll St. in Kissimmee     DIRECTIONS

The Public is Invited!

Tues., September 26, 2017 -- Dr. Paul Gray -- Ornithology and Audubon in Florida

Paul will talk about the history of ornithology in Florida, including the influences of Audubon (John James and the Society) and the importance of our work today to save habitats and protect bird life.

Dr. Paul Gray is a Science Coordinator for Audubon Florida's Everglades Restoration Program. He has been with Audubon for 22 years and has worked in and around Lake Okeechobee for 30 years. Paul provides science support for Audubon policy teams on water quality, water management, agricultural best management practices, and ecosystem and bird conservation issues.

Tues., October 24, 2017 -- Valerie Anderson -- Don't Split Split Oak Park!

Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area is a 1700-acre well-restored former ranch with many diverse Florida habitats in east central Orange and Osceola counties. The Central Florida Expressway Authority would like to put a toll road right through its center, crossing relocated Gopher Tortoise burrows and Scrub-Jay habitat. Valerie will inform us about this treasured nearby preserve and how to save it from this threat.

Valerie Anderson is an environmental and mapping consultant based in St. Cloud. She based her Master's thesis on Split Oak Park.

Tues., November 28, 2017 -- Reinier Munguia -- Living with Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes are among the largest birds roaming North America and the most numerous of all crane species in the world, yet some of its subspecies are at high risk of extinction. The Florida Sandhill crane is perhaps one of the best examples of a subspecies that has been displaced from its natural environment as a result of urbanization. Today, this subspecies is facing challenges their ancestors never had. Loss of habitat, human disturbances and other factors are causing their decline. Learn how to coexist with these magnificent birds to ensure their survival.

Reinier Munguia is a full-time naturalist and nature photographer based in Lakeland, Florida. He serves as President of Lake Region Audubon Society and EagleWatch Volunteer Coordinator. His work has appeared in various publications including books, magazines, and scientific publications. In his spare time, he leads photography workshops in exotic destinations including Galapagos, Costa Rica, and Panama. He spends great amount of time documenting wildlife and their struggles in our constantly changing environment.

Tues., January 23, 2018 -- Laura VonMutius -- Water for Florida's Future

In Florida, it's all about the water. Where does it come from? Will we have enough? What are simple things we can do to conserve it? Laura's presentation is based on scientific research about aquifer depletion, water usage, and behavior modifications that work for water conservation.

Laura VonMutius is Education Manager at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland.

Tues., February 27, 2018 -- Scott Robinson -- Threats posed by climate change to migratory birds

Many species of birds have survived past climate change, but the current combination of habitat degradation and climate change may pose new and potentially severe problems, especially here in Florida. Scott presents some of the issues raised by climate change, including some surprising new studies that are changing the way we view vulnerability to global warming.

Scott Robinson is the Ordway Professor of Ecosystem Conservation at the Florida Museum of Natural History. His research focuses on the conservation of migratory and tropical birds.

Tues., March 27, 2018 -- Jenny Welch -- Gardening for Birds

Jenny will explain how you can have a yard that supports a healthy variety of birds and other wildlife, and you may not ever have to buy a bag of birdseed!

Jenny Welch is a Florida Master Naturalist, Osceola County Master Gardener, and Audubon Eagle Watch Volunteer.

Tues., April 24, 2018 -- Kim Titterington -- Swamp Girl Adventures

Swamp Girl Adventures© is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization striving to educate others about Florida’s wildlife and habitats, promote conservation and the great outdoors, and assist in the care and rehabilitation of animals in need.

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