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KVAS Meetings for 2019-2020

CHECK BACK SOON FOR FULL 2019-2020 schedule!

Meetings are held at 6:45 pm at the KUA (Kissimmee Utility Authority) Building
1701 W. Carroll St. in Kissimmee     DIRECTIONS

The Public is Invited!

Tues., September 24, 2019 -- Anna Forsman -- Desperate House Wrens: the Tale of Philandering Females

Dr. Forsman will show results of her research into the phenomenon of extra-pair mating in House Wrens.

Anna Forsman, PhD is a Biology professor and the Genomics Lab Research Coordinator at the University of Central Florida.

Tues., October 22, 2019 -- Dr. Paul Gray -- Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee has been in the news lately, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Harmful algal blooms, estuary dumps, and concerns about Hoover Dike safety have given the public and decision makers a jaded view of Florida’s greatest lake. Paul will talk about how the lake got to this point, the wonders of Okeechobee that are overshadowed by controversies, and what Audubon and our society needs to do to restore one of Florida’s iconic treasures.

Dr. Paul Gray has been with Audubon Florida for 24 years and is a science coordinator for the Everglades Restoration Program. He is recognized as a foremost authority on Lake Okeechobee.

Tues., November 26, 2019 -- Jenny Welch -- Native Plants for Birds

Jenny will inspire you to have a yard that supports a healthy variety of birds and other wildlife, and you may not ever have to buy a bag of birdseed! This will be a hands on presentation about Florida native plants using native plants, berries, fruits, and nuts to help learn Identification, wildlife and bird uses, and growing habits.

Jenny Welch is a native Floridian who had the unique opportunity of living on the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge as a child. This helped influence her love of nature. She is a member of Florida Audubon - 4 Rivers Chapter, Florida Native Plant Society - Sparkleberry Chapter President, Volunteer at Audubon Hog Island in Maine, and a Florida Master Naturalist. She is also an environmental activist and Florida native plant activist who has worked with schools, colleges, and businesses to help them design and plant native plants, design bird friendly windows, and discourage the use of rodenticide-baited rodent traps.

Tues., Jan. 28, 2020 -- Tyler Beck -- The Latest on Snail Kites

Snail Kites have had an uncertain and changing status over the last few decades as problems in their South Florida habitats have coupled with the rise of two non-native species (a plant and a snail) that actually help the birds. Lake Toho has been important for their survival in some years and absolutely critical in others. Learn about the habits of this bird, their latest breeding numbers and locations, and what you can do to help their survival.

Tyler Beck is Snail Kite Conservation Coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Tues., Feb. 25, 2020 -- An Evening with Tampa Bay Bats

Tampa Bay Bats presents a lively, educational (and at times, funny) program about bats throughout the world including those living in Central Florida. This program covers, among other topics, Mega and Micro bats, insect eaters, fruit eaters, pollinators, bat sizes, bat motherhood, and even the “much feared” vampire bat – who is quite adorable. After the PowerPoint presentation, the audience gets a chance to ask questions and then the highlight of the program…the showing of live bats!

Tues., March 24, 2020 -- Falconry and Conservation [SORRY; CANCELED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC]

Elizabeth Waba-Daniels will present information on the recovery, field-triage, and rehabilitation of injured Florida native birds, including Sandhill Cranes, water birds, and raptors.

Elizabeth works in law enforcement. She is the Fish and Wildlife Commission's only licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in the entire County of Osceola certified to rehabilitate native birds. The Waba-Daniels family takes in and cares for birds (and often other wildlife) of every species & state of health, injured or abandoned, entirely on their own resources.

Tues.,April 28, 2020 -- Birding in Ecuador! [SORRY; CANCELED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC]

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