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KVAS Meetings for 2021-2022


Tues., September 28, 2021 at 7:00 PM (Online via Youtube) -- Brian Cammarano -- One Good Tern Deserves Another: Life on a Seabird Nesting Island

This past summer, Brian was a Project Puffin Research Assistant on Stratton Island, off the coast of Maine, where he conducted research and monitored a tern colony, including the federally listed Roseate Tern. Join us for this presentation where he will show what it’s like to work and live on a colonial seabird nesting island! You can use this link: https://youtu.be/CdOVYhZ035c

Brian Cammarano is an avid birder, avian conservationist, and University of Central Florida graduate with a degree in Ecology, Evolutionary & Conservation Biology. He has been working seasonal jobs to experience firsthand what it takes to be a field biologist. He has been involved with many avian conservation efforts such as songbird banding in Key Biscayne for the Cape Florida Banding Station, grassland songbird nest searching in Eastern Montana, Black Rail detection surveying in Big Cypress, and monitoring beach nesting birds in Southwest Florida.

Tues., October 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM (Online on YouTube) -- Eunice Laurent -- Making The Best of a “Bad” Situation

We often hear about the negative impacts of human actions on the environment. Sometimes these actions can be well-meant and, at other times, unintentional. However, because many of our actions/decisions revolve around our well-being, the chance of adjusting our lifestyle to suit other organisms is very small. So, if we do not adjust, then the organisms around us must. In this presentation, Dr. Laurent provides a literature review on how birds have responded to selected human actions/decisions including the lockdown of Spring 2020. Check back for connection information.

Dr. Eunice Laurent is a biology professor and academic discipline coordinator for the science department at Valencia College, Poinciana Campus.

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