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Field Trips for 2018-2019

The Public is Invited!


Sunday, September 23, 2018 -- Cruickshank Sanctuary, Viera Wetlands, and Brevard Zoo

Cruickshank Sanctuary is an amazing coastal scrubland preserve with one of the best Florida Scrub-Jay populations around and distinctive scrub vegetation. Viera Wetlands is a water management facility, and the birds and other wildlife love it. We have encountered Soras, American Bitterns, Limpkins, a wide variety of other wading birds and waterfowl close up, and upland birds like Caracaras, Harriers, and Kestrels too! Much of our birding should be from our cars, as you can drive on the berms unless the weather has been very wet. After the wetlands we will head to the nearby Brevard Zoo, with great exhibits of Florida animals and habitats and a walk-through exotic bird aviary that you will never forget!

Sunday, December 16, 2018 -- Kissimmee Valley Christmas Bird Count    

Not exactly a field trip, but more! We have numerous teams that spread out close to home to count birds from sunrise to sunset as part of an annual Audubon Society citizen science and conservation project throughout the western hemisphere. This is the 119th year!

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