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KVAS Meetings for 2018-2019

CHECK BACK SOON FOR FULL 2018-2019 schedule!

Meetings are held at 6:45 pm at the KUA (Kissimmee Utility Authority) Building
1701 W. Carroll St. in Kissimmee     DIRECTIONS

The Public is Invited!

Tues., September 25, 2018 -- Ginny Stibolt -- Climate-Wise Landscaping: Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future

Ginny Stibolt will present topics from her newest book, “Climate-Wise Landscaping: Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future,” which takes an optimistic approach, with hundreds of actions that property owners or land managers (homeowners, communities, and municipalities) can take right now to accomplish at least one of 3 objectives: 1) to help the landscape survive climate change, 2) to help wildlife survive climate change, and 3) to help to mitigate climate change. The book was written by Ginny, a botanist in Florida, and Sue Reed, a landscape Architect in Massachusetts, with a foreword by Doug Tallamy.

Ginny Stibolt began her professional life as a teacher and over the years has taught math, science, business, and computer courses at levels from 7th grade through college. She is a life-long gardener with a Master of Science degree in Botany from the University of Maryland. Since moving to Florida in 2004, she has written 4 peer-reviewed books on Florida gardening, all published by University Press of Florida. In addition, she has written hundreds of gardening and nature articles for various publications. She speaks regularly to environmental and gardening groups. Her website is www.GreenGardeningMatters.com.

Tues., October 23, 2018 -- Elizabeth Waba-Daniels -- Rescue and Rehabilitation of Florida Wild Birds

Elizabeth Waba-Daniels will present information on the recovery, field-triage, and rehabilitation of injured Florida native birds, including Sandhill Cranes, water birds, and raptors. Her talk is scheduled to include a demonstration of falconry with a native Red-tailed Hawk.

Elizabeth works in law enforcement. She is the Fish and Wildlife Commission's only licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in the entire County of Osceola certified to rehabilitate native birds. The Waba-Daniels family takes in and cares for birds (and often other wildlife) of every species & state of health, injured or abandoned, entirely on their own resources.

Tues., November 27, 2018 -- Kim Titterington -- Swamp Girl Adventures

Would you like to meet some of our local critters up close? Come learn about reptiles, amphibians, and mammals found in Florida! Swamp Girl and crew will cover identification and habits of snakes of Florida, differences between turtles and tortoises, mammals like skunks and opossums, and more. What do you need to know if you want to keep some of these animals as pets? Come find out!
We cannot use KUA for this meeting. We will meet at 6:15 pm at Osceola County Extension Services, 1921 Kissimmee Valley Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34744, in Conference Room 160. This is in Heritage Park, off Route 192.

Swamp Girl Adventures© is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization striving to educate the public about Florida’s wildlife and habitats, promote conservation and the great outdoors, and assist in the care and rehabilitation of animals in need.

Tues., January 22, 2019 -- Brad Ashbrook -- Digital Photography Foundations

Brad will present the foundations of digital photography, including camera types, sensor technology, DSLR vs. Mirrorless, exposures, histograms, RAW vs. JPEG, and composition. He will also discuss techniques for improving bird and wildlife photography.

Brad Ashbrook is a board member of Kissimmee Valley Audubon. He recently switched from a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera to a mirrorless and is reportedly very happy.

Tues., February 26, 2019 -- Reinier Munguia -- Life in the Rainforest

Few places on the planet can captivate the imagination like the rainforest. Join us for a photographic expedition into the depths of the tropical rainforests of Latin America to learn about its most charismatic inhabitants, and see for yourself how incredibly unique they are.

Reinier Munguia is a full-time naturalist and nature photographer based in Lakeland, Florida. His work has appeared in various publications including books, magazines, and scientific publications. In his spare time, he leads photography workshops in exotic destinations including Galapagos, Costa Rica, and Panama, among others. He spends great amount of time documenting wildlife and their struggles in our constantly changing environment.

Tues., March 26, 2019 -- George Van Horn of Reptile World Serpentarium

Reptile World Serpentarium is a working venom factory. Though there may be only 50 snakes on public display at any given time, behind the scenes are hundreds of venomous snakes just waiting to be "milked" for their valuable venom. The Serpentarium ships this precious commodity worldwide for use in medical and herpetological research. The regular "milking" of these dangerous snakes is done in public and makes Reptile World Serpentarium more than just another snake house.

George Van Horn is founder and owner of Reptile World Serpentarium.

Tues., April 23, 2019 -- Cameron Jaggard -- The Forage Fish Research Program: Keeping Florida’s Fins, Feathers, and Fisheries Fed

Forage fish fuel Florida's coastal waterbirds, marine mammals, fish and coastal economies, yet we know little about them. Join Cameron Jaggard of The Pew Charitable Trusts to learn more about the public-private partnership working to change that and support the next generation of fisheries scientists.

Cameron has worked for Pew for over nine years working to promote ecosystem-based fishery management in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. He resides in Palm Beach County with his two faithful companions Bruce and Shadow.

Tues., May 28, 2019 -- To Be Announced

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